10 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

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10 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy

Do you remember those writing-prompt sheets we all started getting in elementary school? You know, the ones we would end up filling out hundreds of time throughout our school career, outlining our topic, thesis, introductory paragraphs and conclusions for papers we hadn’t even begun to write?

Yeah, as annoying as those seemed to be back in the day, the premise is pretty smart. Mapping out our plans ahead of time comes in handy, and strategizing for digital marketing is no different.

10 Reasons

Here are ten reasons you need a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy of your own.

1. Strategizing forces you to look at the end-game as opposed to short-term achievements

2. Creating a plan upfront will keep you organized and on task

3. Your marketing strategy encourages you to invest in yourself and worthwhile endeavors

4. Some of these valuable endeavors might be other people. Maybe to work alongside you towards a shared goal or a mutually beneficial partner in another profession. Either way, your strategy will tell you when and whom to focus on

5. The beauty of creating your plan is that you create your timeline. Building in some room for trial and error will minimize discouragement, and keep you on track even with minor setbacks

6. Trial and error method will help you locate and perfect your business niche and buyer persona

7. Your buyer persona represents you with ideal customers — knowing precisely what kind of people you should target eliminates wasted time

8. Be sure to include room for weeding out strategies that have failed to deliver, to make room for strategies that have delivered. A plan ensures your path to success is streamlined and clear-cut

9. If you’re working with a team of people, having an available business strategy will help keep everyone on the same page and moving at the same speed

10. A digital marketing strategy sets up short-term goals that all feed-in to the long-term result. Mini successes keep you motivated and hungry for the next challenge, with no room for complacency or boredom


In the end, there are no downsides to making a game plan for success. Guaranteed, you will find a more accessible path to achieving your goals with a strategy versus haphazardly trying to figure it out as you go.

Give it a go and see for yourself and see what this strategy can do for you.


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